Join us at the shores of the Dead Sea for a focused workshop dedicated to the fundamental science and engineering of nanomaterials and nanofluidics that address the Water-Energy Nexus.

Water and energy are closely intertwined. The emerging global challenges in the water-energy nexus represent an enormous opportunity for basic science and engineering, and these research needs have been driving rapid progress in the emerging areas of nanofluidics, nanoelectrochemistry, and nanopore transport. We will explore the key scientific issues associated with separations and transport in nanomaterials and confined nanochannels, such as:

     ▶ Fundamentals of fluid flow and confinement on water transport in nanochannels and nanostructures

     ▶ Phase transitions and equilibria in nanoscale pores and channels

     ▶ Mechanism of ion transport and ion selectivity in nanoscale pores

     ▶ Theory and modeling approaches for understanding nanofluidic and electrosorption phenomena

     ▶ Carbon and related nanomaterials for novel membrane technologies

     ▶ Carbon and related nanomaterials for electrochemical separations etc.


The workshop venue located in the Ein-Gedi oasis on the shore of the Dead Sea emphasizes the vital importance of water to our world. It offers an opportunity to visit this unique salt lake, the lowest point on Earth, surrounded by a fascinating desert terrain with the ancient Masada fortress and natural reserves. The workshop will bring together senior researchers and students and will follow the Gordon Research Conferences format with free afternoons, designed to provide ample time for the participants to interact with colleagues.



Organizing Committee: 

Slava Freger (Technion, Israel)

Aleksandr Noy (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and University of California Merced, USA)

Matthew Suss (Technion, Israel)

Meni Wanunu (Northeastern University, USA)